Independent or Agency Escorts?

Many guys have their preferences between agency escorts and independent escorts. There are advantages to either that need to be carefully considered before booking either independent escorts and agency escorts.

An independent escort is a girl that works alone and has no ties to any agencies. She is responsible for her own escort promotion and you may find her advertising in some of the less attractive websites and directories online due potentially to her limited budget. She is left totally to her own devices and decides who she will accept a booking from and at what times she will be available.

Therefore she may not be available when required. Another huge issue that prevails with independent escorts is that there is no checking or policing of any pictures that she decides to use on her escort profile. One of the very first things that you my want to check if you are considering booking the services of an independent escort is that her pictures are actually genuine and of her.

You may find an independent escort online and feel like you have won the Lottery. Impossibly good looking and with the perfect figure that you are looking for, all at a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay for her services. Well may we suggest that when you make contact that you ask her to send a pic, a selfie as proof that her pictures that she is using are actually of her.

She may well text you back and swear that her pictures are 100% genuine and of her, and they may well be but did she tell you that they were taken ten years ago also?

Another unfortunate but significant issue when considering booking an independent escort is that of cleanliness and general health. There are reasons that some escorts choose to charge very low fees for their company and if you stop to consider why then the obvious issues of both health and substance abuse may spring to your mind very quickly. Potentially high risk and again absolutely no checks or policing. You are on your own, taking her word for it and the risks that you run are very high potentially.

Book an Escort from a High Class Escort Agency

So what are the upsides and downsides in booking an escort from a high class agency? Firstly you have the choice of many girls that are available exactly when you want them. Browse through the website and you will find many girls that appeal and many of them are there when you want them rather than having to wait for their availability. Nothing worse than selecting a girl and calling or texting only to have no response.

Secondly the pictures of the girls are genuine. What this means is that when you book an escort from an agency what you see is what you will get. No scams or different lower quality girls turning up. Your chosen girls from the website will be the one that you meet once you have made your booking. The peace of mind in this alone is worth using an escort agency rather than an independent escort.

Escorts from quality escort agencies are carefully checked out in advance of being signed and accepted by the agency. So they will be asked about the services that they offer and they will be asked about their health. If they prove to be unreliable then the agency will push other escorts ahead of them as they have regular clients to consider.

Escort agencies may indeed charge a commission which means you may have to pay a little more than you would if you booked an independent escort. However the multiple benefits far outweigh the potential downsides of booking an independent girl. And think also, if you booked an independent escort and visited her place then how do you know who may be lurking around in the background.These girls have never been checked out and may have different motives to those of yourself.

You pay your money and you take your choice as they say, but for the marginally higher price that yo may need to pay to book an agency escort, and the peace of mind that this gives then we think the decision is a no brainer.